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Here are some of the questions I get asked the most.  Click the question for the answer.

~ What does my order status mean?

~ Are you accepting custom work or can you make customer specified changes or alterations to your patterns or designs?

~ What forms of payment do you accept and when is payment due?

~ What is a body guard?

~ Do you offer any light-bearing OWB's?

~ Can I custom order a TX Comfort (TXC2 or GATXC)?

~ Do you make open muzzle or slide holsters to fit multiple models?

~ Do you make holsters for guns with CT laser grips?

~ Can you make a holster for a Walther, FN, Taurus, etc?

~ Do you make holsters with thumb releases?

~ Do you make small of the back (SOB) holsters?

~ Is there any way I can try out one your holsters to check the fit?

~ My holster is too tight.  How can I loosen it up?

~ My holster is very stiff.  Can I add a conditioner or oil it to soften it up a little?

~ I've got a leather holster, mag carrier, saddle bag, motorcycle seat, etc. that I need repaired.  Is this something you can do?

~ I live in or around Austin, can I pick my order up in person?

~ I need a belt size/lenght that is not listed.  Can you make this?

~ Do you offer any custom finish, stamping, or carving options.

~ I need replacement hardware but can't find any on your site.  How can I get some?

~ Do you make any tuckable holsters?

~ I've lost some weight and my belt is too big.  Can you resize it?