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Delivery Info

Currently working on all leather and mixed leather/kydex orders through February 2013.

Current turnaround for kydex only orders is around 8 weeks.


Update 5/22/2014

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update.  Orders are caught up for kydex only gear and orders for leather gear and hybrids are finally starting to work their way out the door at a slow and steady pace.  While everything is going a bit slower than I'd like right now, gear is being worked up and shipped out at a steady pace.

I'm sorry if it sounds like a broken record, but I can't thank you enough for your patience and I promise to do my best to make your gear well worth the wait.



Update 3/26/2014

Operations and production are back up and running in full swing and gear is starting to head out the door again, but the future for leather gear is not looking so good.  Several weeks ago I had a nasty cut that has left me with painful nerve damage in my left hand so my days of molding leather my be rapidly coming to an end.  I've been fortunate enough to get some help with kydex production so I'll continue to offer kydex gear and tac-hybrids, but as of today all leather gear is being discontinued and will no longer be offered.  This decision will be revisited in the future once I'm a bit more caught up, but as of now, it is a final decision. 

I will continue to honor and slowly fill all pending orders for leather gear, but most are going to have a turnaround time somewhere around 18-22 months.  I can't begin to apologize enough for the inconvenience and also thank everyone for being extremely patient, and as I've said before, I promise to do my best to make your gear worth the wait.



Update 7/12/2013

Thank you to everyone who's patiently waiting (and those few not so patiently waiting).  I promise to do my best to make your gear worth the wait!




Being a one-man owned and run shop it is very easy for the smallest mishap, error, or problem to set me back a great deal.  Throughout 2012 I ran into issues with suppliers being out of stock on supplies and materials, packages missing or delayed during shipment, replacement gear for missing packages, as well as a couple of personal health issues.  While I tried my best to keep up with the estimated delivery times I had posted, some of these issues quickly piled up and resulted in me falling quite a bit behind.  Therefore, it is no longer realistic or possible for me to continue to quote or estimate delivery times in weeks when I honestly can't predict future setbacks or delays.

So, effective as of January 1st my delivery times have changed and are no longer being quoted or estimated in weeks.  Instead, I will now be posting the time frames of the orders I am currently working on so that customers can have some form of idea of where their order stands in my cue.  This change affects all currently pending and future orders and also applies to status update requests.

My apologies to those affected by this change and a sincere thank you for patiently waiting for your gear.  I promise to do my best to make the wait worth it.