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Available Models & Options

Below is a list of the available gun, magazine, and tac-light models that I have available. 

I am accepting orders for Glock and S&W M&P firearms only.  Pending orders for models no longer listed will still be honored.

Gun & Mag Models
Glock 17/22/31 (Gen 3 & 4)
Glock 19/23/32 (Gen 3 & 4)
Glock 26/27/33 (Gen 3 & 4)
Glock 20/21 (Gen 3, 4, & SF with Glock rail)
Glock 29/30 (Gen 3, 4, & SF)
Glock 30S
Glock 34/35 (Gen 3 & 4)
Glock 36
S&W M&P FS 9mm/40S&W
S&W M&P Compact 9mm/40S&W
S&W M&P Compact 45ACP
S&W M&P Pro 5" 9mm/40S&W

S&W M&P Shield 9mm/40S&W

Tac-Light Models (for Tac-hybrid IWB's only)
Inforce APL
Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-1HL/TLR-1S
Streamlight TLR-3
Surefire X200/X300
Surefire X300 Ultra


Kydex Color Options

**Only black is available at this time.**


Leather & Tac-Hybrid IWB Color Options


 Please note that while I do my best to keep all colors as close as possible to these samples, variations can and will occur.